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 Subject: RE: TRX on 8-bit
Author: Andreas Magenheimer (ispp10.Sowi.Uni-Mainz.DE)
Date:   11-16-1999 08:45

the times they are a changing. Before the german re-union, the German Democratic Republic (and possibly other eastern european states) sent Atari 8Bit (and other computer platform) programs via radio. These programs were some sort of Basic codes, all you needed to use these programs on your platform was an application tool called "Basicode". I do have the Atari 8Bit version of Basicode and it really worked, but since I ever lived in Western Germany, I do not know how it worked nor did I ever had the coice to test it or get those eastern german programs via radio...

But, if you like, I may send this tool via E-Mail to you. Maybe you can disassemble and examine it. Maybe you can also ask ABBUC or ABBUC members from eastern germany how this "thing" worked. The ABBUC has Basicode in its PD list...
Greetings - Andreas Magenheimer

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