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 Subject: Cuebase Audio Falcon Dreams
Author: Wayne Martz (
Date:   09-18-2008 22:15

The recent work on the Cracks of CAF and modules have reignited a dream/idea in my head, and I wonder if anyone here could answer a question. (Another opportunity to display my ignorance!)
Unless I am mistaken, CAF was limited to using the SCSI HD because at that time IDE's were often not fast enough to handle 8 tracks. Also, in order to go into 16 track mode, CAF uses compressed versions of the audio. Thus I surmise that the limiting factor as far as # of tracks is concerned is the speed/bandwidth of the HD?
So my question; Would it be possible, or how hard would it be, to remove the SCSI limitation in CAF, and could it be made to record/playback from IDE's? Unless I am mistaken, IDE's are usually somewhat faster than SCSI these days. Further, if such were possible, could CAF be "freed" to use the USB in the EtherNat? (I think I should get the "most patient" award, since I'm at the bottom of the list for recieving 1!) Shouldn't that be significantly faster than IDE or SCSI? (Of course, no HD Drivers for the USB exsist yet AFAIK.) Do you suppose that if this were possible, CAF might be able to do more than 8 tracks of uncompressed audio? Wadaya think? Go ahead, wake me from my dream, but be gentle to this poor fool!

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