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 Subject: RE: Anyone got PowerBASIC/HiSoft BASIC?
Author: Damion P Jones (
Date:   08-11-2000 18:59

Yes, sure!

I have PowerBasic v1.31 and the manual is tatty, but all there!

I no longer use it, but its quite reasonable for your 1st compiler, give me your address, and I will send it to you!

HiSoft Basic is pretty much exactly the same, but has a few Xtras... Such as the ability to add your own commands ( More complex than it sounds, so not recommended...YET )

HiSoft Basic 2 is far superior, and much more usefull, but its NOT Magic2 friendly, as I had to change my MAGIC.RAM file to get it to run without crashing, and even then I had hassle!

Anyway, tell us you address, and your sorted - I dont want anything for PBasic - but remember that the manual IS about 10000 years old, so its wrecked - Its the same as 1st basic though, just with a compiler really.

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