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 Subject: RE: is Atari used now?
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   01-12-2013 19:41

Good for you! I did a paper on Benchmarking as part of my Computer Science degree... I used GemBench on an STe, TT and Falcon. I was able to answer questions like 'How much of an effect does a Level 1 CPU cache have' and 'What happens if we use a co-processor to speed up memory copy operations' - the 'question' was 'how useful are PC benchmarks?' and the answer they were expecting was 'not very much...' I turned it on its head and my answer was 'They let you probe aspects of computer organisation.' I got a great mark, thanks to Ofir Gal!!

I'm curious, what are you studying? I started in 1998 and they taught us MC68K assembler / Machine Code as an example of an architecture and instruction set, as it was much simpler and logical than i386.

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