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 Subject: RE: Music
Author: The Paranoid (
Date:   01-27-2014 18:21

Hi Brian,

it depends a lot on which Atari you have bought.
An Atari STE, TT or Falcon030 has separate audio output via cinch/3.5mm socket(s) so it's very easy to record it using another device. The "ordinary" ST, STf or STfm has no such socket and you will have to use an adapter, switch box or solder a cable by yourself to selectively record audio from it.

There are also some trackers available.
If you want to make chip music, the most popular ones are maxYMiser by gwEm of The P.H.F. and MusicMon by Dark Angel of Aura - but there's also a couple of others.
For the ST and STE, there's also ProTracker but you will most probably be disappointed by the replay quality on the simple ST, STf or STfm as they have no dedicated DMA sound.
There's also the 8-voice Octalyzer for the STE.

For the Falcon030, on the other hand, there's a rich set of trackers available and the Falcon030 has, without a doubt, superior audio quality in every respect. Look for the "ACE" tracker by New Beat or, "Digital Tracker" by Softjee or "Graoumf" by Laurent de Soras.


The Paranoid / Paradox

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