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 Subject: RE: 0
Author: Zogging Hell (
Date:   12-19-2014 20:28

You will probably need to be able to use a old pc with a disk drive. Do a search for AHDI or ICD Hard disk utilities, and copy them onto a double sided disk. There should be an auto folder in the files which will either contain ahdi.prg or icd(Something or other) respectively. Pop the disk in the drive, making sure the hard drive is on then either turn on or reset your computer. A message will pop on screen during boot about the hard disk if you've done this right. Then all you need to do on the desktop is to select drive A. go to 'install disk drives' in the options menu and install a new drive ('C' will be the first partition on the hard disk, but make sure it is a capital letter C). The drive may have multiple partitions on it so be prepared to add more disk drives in the same way with D, E and so on, until you can no longer get access to the most recent one. Hope this makes sense as this is a very brief description of what to do...

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