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 Subject: RE: PICO PSU on CT63
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-11-2018 02:55

Yeah, sorry about that... I knew I had already asked and I had a look, but I must have gone past it?

Unfortunately, when my meds run out, I dont seem to notice and my mnind goes into a weird loop where I just seem to be living the same day over and over again, and so I never know what I am doing from one day to the next.

That is also why my questions often talk a load of garbage! - to me, at the time its perfectly logical and then when I look back some time later, its often just some mental vomit that I spew into a post.

Another thing, is that previously, I have had nothing but hell from this Falcon, and so I keep on dumping it and going back to the TT cos thats 100% reliable, plus, I have moved home recently, so my Ataris have been left on the back shelf so to speak, and then to top it all off, in the end, with the Falcon being so poor, I decided to beg Rodolphe to have a loosie at it, and after lots of begging etcm he had a look, and as it happened, there was a number of things that were iffy with it and so he fixed everythign for me and now my Falcon is finally at long last, running sweet as honey... Its been over 15 years that this Fqalcon has somehow evaded a hammer being smashed through it and now its running beautifully at long last.

So a few things have gone under the bridge and its only now that I am finally getting back into my Atari....

But of course I have pretty much forgotten everything about them, so its a whole new game now.

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