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 Subject: RE: Magic to Mint Long Filenames
Author: Paranoid / PDX (
Date:   05-17-2018 22:39

Well, since no one else answered, i tried to find something helpful on various MiNT and MagiC sites. What i found out is that both seem to support VFAT in a very similar (if not identical way), at least in the proper versions:

MagiC 6.1 is supposed to treat VFAT in a MiNT compatible way, and at least the FreeMiNT webpage describes the VFAT/FAT32 implementation in FreeMiNT to be Windows compatible.

It seems to be down to the versions of MagiC you have been running and the MiNT distribution you want to run now. I also don't really know what you mean by

"I have setup the Long Filenames variable"

but i assume you have assigned the VFAT-variable in MINT.CNF properly.

The arbitrary files you seem to see in TOS are most probably caused by GEMDOS being confused by the additional entries in the directories. At least that's what i assme because (most) VFAT implementations seem to store the long filename data in the directory:

Hope that helps a bit.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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