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 Subject: Thanks
Author: FatRakoon (
Date:   06-18-2019 04:31

Yes, I did find that thread.

Unless I missed it, it seems to say that CuBase SX can do it, without needing to export as MIDI.

Funny thought, but using CuBase 7 on my Intel 7700K importing MIDI files is disgustingly slow when compared to my CT60 Falcon.

That is embarrassing for a PC if you ask me, but hey ho, I digress.

I have absolutely no worries when it comes to spare PCs and running XP ( as seems to be needed for SX to work without issues ) but its now getting hold of a legit copy of SX.

I have, as of last night, contacted Steinberg with some questions regarding copying my Atari files over to PC, but they have as of yet replied.

Anyway, many thanks for the link.

Lets see what comes of it.

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