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 Subject: RE: CT060 - cubase Audio & large HD
Author: Damion (
Date:   08-11-2022 16:04

I am using HD DRIVER v11

I absolutely can have partitions that are huge, and right this moment, I have a 16GB MSata card that has 44 pins and thats working flawlessly with

C: = 500
D: = 1000
E: = 1000
F: = 1000
G: = 1000
H: = 1000
I: = 750
J: = 8GB ( FAT32 )
K: = 1.2GB ( ext2fs )

C: to I: are accessible with TOS
J: is accessible from Magic and MiNT
K: is the RAW formatted with MiNT

Although I cannot get Mint running anymore with the CT63 I have got Magic running and so I no longer care for MiNT.

The thjing is, that with CuBase, I can only work in Single tasking mode and so that stops me being able to access anything bigger than 1GB

So HDDriver IS indeed compatible with bigger partitions, but then that is when TOS is the limiter.

I have the 060 versions of CuBase Audio and it works great, but with only 1GB Partitions, it does limit somewhat.

I have tried BIGDOS but again, I have had issues with this on the Falcon.

Annoyingly, the TT has its own issues with partitions and they are limited to 512MB but I use Bigdos on that when I am not using Magic and thats absolutely fine with 1GB but not with 2GB ( even though thats supposed to be fine? )

Ah, I am going to waffle so I will cut it here.

If you know how I need to partition a disk so that TOS and in 060 mode will access it, using BIGDOS if need be, then please let me know!


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