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 Subject: CUBASE - Changing names
Author: FlintStone (
Date:   01-03-2023 20:10

I am just wondering about the names of Devices on CuBase. Specifically CuBase Audio, but I assuem they will all be the same.

But using the MM8 device through the Printer port, I have the option of MM1 MM2 etc through to MM8

Is there any way I can rename these?

For example I have the ATATI Midi port and that is ALWAYSconnected to an XG Synth Currently the PSR450 - cos its got Speakers ), and thats fine.

But the MM1 is conected to my MU100
MM2 is my Korg NS5R
MM3 is my Korg 05RW
MM4 is the DD65 Drum machine
MM5 is the TG55
MM6 is the Technics KN5000
MM7 is the Akai Sampler
MM8 is the Alesis Drum kit

So, rather than selecting by MM? IO could selecgt by teh device, knowing Im good to go!

Obviously swapping the ports over wont make it work on the other port, but its purely for my own piece of mind I think?

Can it be done?

Are there any other silly trick similar to this that are out there?

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  CUBASE - Changing names  FlintStone 01-03-2023 20:10 

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