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 Subject: TT & STFM Keys different
Author: Damion (
Date:   12-30-2023 08:02

Not a question, more of a whine....


Just something that annoyed me a tad.

I got an old TT Keyboard that I had to take some keyts off it, to fit into a newer TT Keyboard.

I dug the old one out and its manky and yellowed and I gave it a bit of a clean and tested it out and the keyboard does work in that the keys remaining do work, as does the mouse.

So, I have just stripped it down, given it a full nice clean and although its still yellowed, its clean, free of dust etc etc

I have also got an old STFM its a 520 and its absolutely pristine condition, but its got the keys and so I have just taken every one of the keys off the TT and the STFM ready to swap them over and they are different!!!

Should have looked I know.

Worse is, that the Serial keyboard and mouse that I used with the Qwertyx, are no longer with me??? Dopnt know where, but I am sure that they have been thrown.


The good TT keyboard, I am using on my Falcon, and so I put the falcon keyboard back onto it ( Its got a CT63 and CTPCI and so I have yet to made a case for it, but the Falcon keyboard is a bit iffy... The keys do work, but only if I press hard.

What a bloody polava

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  TT & STFM Keys different  Damion 12-30-2023 08:02 

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