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 Subject: ATARI Search Engine
Author: archimedium (
Date:   01-02-2024 15:45

The ATARI bookmarks page was updated. The goal consists in valid links, even if it corresponds to sometimes dated information. Part of these bookmarks persist since the creation of the WEB site, back to the year 1996.

The interest with those numerous bookmarks, there's about 600, is to constitute an ATARI uptodate and dedicated search engine of the on-line scene. It is a service provided by Google Co-op. The base of this engine is a collection composed from time to time. It's now quite consistent.

This is a WEB 2.0 experience, because even if I'm responsible for its creation, the *ATARI Search Engine* can possibly be integrated by
ATARI web-masters adding its HTML code.

Have a good ATARI WEB Surfing =)

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  ATARI Search Engine  archimedium 01-02-2024 15:45 

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