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 Subject: RE: MagicMac, here we go!
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   08-21-2002 10:21

The problem with running MagicMac on PowerPC systems is that MagicMac is a 680x0 binary, so the MacOS has to run it through an 0x0 to PPC translator (a bit like a wee CPU emu). The 0x0 virtual machine in MacOS only implements a 12MHz 020 (or so I have heard), so you won't be taking advantage of the 040's instruction cache or pipelines - which you would on an 040 based machine.

I don't think there's much chance of an
update to the virtual machine either - we all know how Apple Computer feel about supporting older machines (next version of Mac OS X may disable the ability to dual boot into OS 9.2!)

You could always get a cheap PC laptop from eBay (Toshiba Pentiums around 120 - 150MHz with TFT screens should cost around 150 by now) and install MagicPC onto it, and make Windoze run it as a shell, so it boots straight into the TOS environment! I did that for a while (with Gemulator rather than MagicPC) and it worked pretty well. But PCs - eww...

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