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 Subject: CAFCRACK v1 New Crack For Cubase Audio Falcon 2.06
Author: Jean Pat (
Date:   04-01-2007 13:07

April Fools' Day 2007,

More than ten years after Steinberg's withdrawal from the Atari Market,
here is a new crack called CAFCRACK for Cubase Audio Falcon 2.06.
Of course with this crack, you needn't the 128 bits key dongle plugged
on your Falcon. (OKI japan M7H007-024 SYNS0 E 3432351)
This crack is better than other existing Cubase Audio cracks on Atari.
This cute hack is the result of months of tough research.

Attention was turned to Cubase stability and data integrity which were
the lack of the other previous cracks.

You must understand that it's impossible to know if this crack is perfect.
If you encounter any bugs you can report them on Atari newsgroups or forums.

There are only 2 drawbacks (I think they are minor):
- Cubase takes up more memory (+25%).
- Each part or track data needs twice more memory size ( 192 bytes instead
of 96 ) but no influence on MIDI events.

But one thing is sure: this is the BEST crack ever made for Cubase Audio

You must put in the same folder CAFCRACK.PRG and CAF_206.PRG of your current
Cubase folder. CAF_206.PRG needs to be unpacked. If you are using the cubase
score editor, you must put a specific patched SCORES35.MOD file in the
folder. Be sure that the files attributes are not in read-only mode.
Data is written in SCORES35.MOD for each cubase launch with CAFCRACK.

You will find in CAFCRACK.ZIP:
- Unpacked CAF_206.PRG
- Patched SCORES35.MOD

Jean Pat

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  CAFCRACK v1 New Crack For Cubase Audio Falcon 2.06 new Jean Pat 04-01-2007 13:07 
   RE: CAFCRACK v1 New Crack For Cubase Audio Falcon new ggn 04-10-2007 16:06 

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