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Ever since I bought my Falcon, I have NEVER been completely happy with it.

I am looking for someone, who is not just good, but the best there is, to take my Falcon off me, and get it fully sorted.

I also want the CT63 fully patched and the CTPCI too!

I have an ATI PCI card that does work, I have had it working. And I want that setup too!

I can run Cubase Audio just fine for some reason, however, I have NEVER been able to get a really stabe MiNT setup quite right.
When I start it up, I can often have it crash on me 3,4 or 5 times before it even gets finished with the Auto folder apps and so there is an issue there, but I have never found out why?

I want the SCSI Clock thingy fully sorted out. When I was working on getting the CT to work right, I was told to get the fix removed, and I have, but the previous owner has made a mess of it.

The Clock Chip I got a local shop to do the socket for me but the twat missed a pin. I have done a bodge solve by routing a wire around the board... Iewould also like that sorted too.. it is possible that there is a problem there too I guess.

What I want in the end, is to be able to switch on my Falcon, and after a minute or so, have it sitting there waiting for me to actually play with it, rather than me seeing bombs galore for half a dozen resets.

Is there anyone out there who is willing to undertake the task?

Now, I am not an idiot. I am full aware of just how much work I am asking to be done here, and so I am fully aware that numbers need mentioning.

I am very happy to pay a fair price for the work done, and any parts that may need to be bought.

Is anyone up for the job?

I am also in no real rush... I am recovering from a massive accident that I had almost 3 years ago, and I have not touched it in all that time, but I am now starting to get annoyed and I need to play with my Ataris again, so I want the Falcon sorted for once and for all.

Please email me, and we can talk.

I am considering asking Rodolphe of course, but I am in the UK and I am unsure if I trust the Atari and the bits going over to france... Not Rodolphe, I mean the postal sevice.

At least in the UK, it wont be a problem if I had to deliver it myself

Please consider this, but please only consider it, if you are very comfortable in knowing what you are doing. I do nto want to risk my Atari and I am happy to pay for someones expertise to do it for me.

Thanks all.

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