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Hi Guys, it's been 2 years since we launched
our game Centron3D for the Amiga 500 and have
decided to launch it on the Falcon030.
Due to the Falcons hicolor 320x240x65536 mode
we will be adding a huge amount of extras including
more color, more animations. Our Falcon030 has
14MB of ram so we'll be doing more with that.
I can't see anywhere on this site where I can
post pictures of our game on our Falcon030 so
where can I post pictures?
Anyway we started last month and have produced
all the background levels in hicolor and they
look absolutly great. The Amiga version Title used HAM 4096 colour
mode which looked pretty good. The Falcon030
version is using the hicolor mode and it looks
fantastic. I love this mode, it's so easy to use as
Anyway, give us a few months to get it running
and to get some videos on YouTube.
Let us know your thoughts.

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