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 Subject: Cubase Audio on TT
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-17-2017 02:32

My Falcon is currently out of action and so I am about to send it to get repaired.

My TT is thankfully, as always running 100% flawlessly.

With the TT, I was using CuBase Score, I then moved to Falcon and used CuBase Audio.

This was very much down to me also using the CT63 and the 060 version of CuBase Audio Falcon

Now, as my most recent work was done in CuBase Audio, I was wondering a few thigns...

Firstly, the compatibility of Audio v Score.

I know that Audio imported all my Score files without issue, but will score import the Audio files... Now obviously, I dont expect it to be able to import the actual AUDIO stuff, but just as far as the MIDI is all I need... I ask this because I was not really using the AUDIO capabilities as such.

Secondly, I have 2 dongles... One is for CUBASE AUDIO and the OTHER for CUBASE STANDARD. the standard does 3.1 and SCORE.

But can I find the AUDIO one? Can I heck and its irritating me.

So, does CuBase Audio run on TT - if I am only needing the Score / Midi capabilities?

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  Cubase Audio on TT new Damion 04-17-2017 02:32 

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