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I have a Syquest 270 3.5" SCSI Drive

The locking lever is broke. Can anyone help?

It does still seem to work fine, however, the locking lever has lost the plastic bit on the end, and I cannot seem to lock the disk in place?

I can wedge it in with a screwdriver of whatever, and I can do it for just long enough for the light to go green and it does seem to access the disk, but as soon as I move... it unlocks.

I have a good few disks for it and it would be such a shame for it to not be used.

I also have a 44MB Syquest too and ZIP 100 but the 270 Id like to use again.

I seem to find that Syquest as a company no longer exist and so Im getting nowhere in that area, but I am also wondering about making some other handle thingy for it... Is it supposed to lock in or out or up or down? I have tried pushing a little in a few directions, but Im worried in case I break it further than it already is?

Anyone offer any advise?

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