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Just a small question.

CuBase Audio, on a Falcon CT060 - running sweet as a nut... Cool.

But it is still limited to the Falcons Disk size limit

Now... The last time I tried to mess about, I seemed to have completely destroyed my IDE HD, or at least the format on it. ( Still too chicken to use it and so I am on another Disk )

Now, I know I have a few options with Large Disks, and I have had great success on the TT over the years with DATALITE ( horrifically slow, but it does work well ) and BigDos ( This let me have a 2GB Partition on the TT and it still works and it is also working well under Magic 6 too! ( or is it 1gb? I need to check )

But, under CuBase? Under Cubase AUDIO?

I do NOT use CuBase for the D2D recording. I only really use it for the Sample Playback, and to be honest, its rarer than hens teeth that I do it.

But I would like to have a piddle about with options.

I have set aside a HD to do some experimenting and messing about and it will be used 100% for CuBase Audio and C: will be a normal partition, with some AUTO APPS of course, and D: I hope to have purely for Cubase.

What is the biggest I can hope to get, and have 100% Compatibilty with CuBase Audio?

I dotn want to mess about if its not going to happen, so I am just asking before I waste time, or shall I just accept that 1GB is it?

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