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Chrisc here....having a nightmare of Brobignadian proportions
ATM....basically I can't get to John O'Groats with my Sinclair C5 to start my
attempt to do the end-to-end....It looks like I'll have to delay
another week, but ATM I don't have anything lined up that works as a
way to do it.....I can get to Glasgow OK, but once I'm there I can't
get any furhter....if I could get to Inverness then I do have soemoen
who could sort me out from there upwards, but he's not really able to
get down to Glasgow to pick me up (he's getting on a bit and I guess
he doesnt' feel comfortable in all that traffic....)

If anyone here works for someone who might be able to help on this
(anyone know Richard Branson for instance) or if you live in Glasgow
and don't mind a bit of driving on a Saturday (I'll hire a van and
drive to John O'Groats, you drive it back to Glasgow)....Looks like
this will have to be a week this Saturday...I don't want to leave it
any later, I want to be out of Scotland before the end of August, I
can live without geting caught by an early autumn snap when I'm still
halfway through the Borders or the Grampians....

Any good ideas ?...I've already tried the train comapnies and ScotRail
won't budge, Eddie Stobart wished me luck but weren't able to
help....if you work for a newspaper and can whip up some media
publicity it would be great.....anything...**HELP**....


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