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 Subject: RE: Year 2000 rollover
Author: Andreas Magenheimer (
Date:   09-08-1999 10:02

Hello Darryl,
the little Atari 8Bit computers just have a simple clock installed, that counts in jiffies (50 per second in PAL countries, 60 per second in NTSC countries). Thats all, there is no built in real-time clock with actual time and date stamp. Thus the little Ataris do not know, what time or date it is. Merely with Sparta-DOS and its R-Time-8 Clock, you can have accurate date and time stamp. There is already a patch for this clock (and Sparta-DOS) avaiable, which will correct any bugs dealing with Y2K bugs. But, as told before, the OS of the Atari and nearly all other DOS versions do not have a date or time stamp. Thus you do not need bothering about that... Greets - Andreas Magenheimer

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  Year 2000 rollover new Darryl Williams 08-03-1999 18:38 
   RE: Year 2000 rollover  Andreas Magenheimer 09-08-1999 10:02 

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