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 Subject: wanting atari s/w and books
Author: Carmel MJ Andrews (
Date:   10-03-1999 04:46

I am Looking for the following

Atari Roots- Book (willing to pay 10 must be in excellent cond.)
Atari XL version of CSS's 'the impossible' complete with all satellite/component programmes
All latest versions of Exodos, cassette to dos, dos to cass/disk and disk to dos
Cassette O/S (Alpha Systems USA) C.O.S latest versions

For all the s/w i am willing to pay 30,

I am also looking for the manual and technical information on the INDUS GT & INDUS GT expander, as well as the disks that came with the drive, I also need information about programming the INDUS, Super Archiver 2, Lazer 1050 and Indus thru the DCB memery locations 300H thru 312H and 725/6/7/8, any help

Happy Atari computing


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  wanting atari s/w and books  Carmel MJ Andrews 10-03-1999 04:46 

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