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 Subject: RE: Atari 400/800/1010 power supply specs
Author: Franco Pirrone (
Date:   03-24-2005 10:13

Hi Steve,

I just arranged a self made power supply for a recently bought ATARI 800. Since I bought it trough e-Bay from US the power supply (120V) could not be connected to Italian plugs (220V). Then I decided to do by myself since I saw that the original provided power supply output is 9V A.C. then I used a simple A.C. transformer I had at home with 220V input and different A.C. output between which I found a 9V A.C.

I connected and it worked at the first try!

Then the answer is: there is no polarity on the jack since the power supply output is A.C. and then you can do the power supply easily by yourself without any skill required to build a real power supply (no bridge, capacitors etc.) I used a 3A current output while the requirements are 3,4 A but it works fine the same.

You can contact me for any assistance at my e-mail address below.

Hope my info can be useful for you

Have a nice day!

Franco Pirrone - Italy

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