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 Subject: Rebuilding J.Y.B.O.L.A.C. (or how to build a 8-bit
Author: Doctor Clu (
Date:   11-19-1999 09:06

Just doing some name throwing there. ;) Those of you in the Dallas area from about 1987-1990 would probably remember the name J.Y.B.O.L.A.C. (Just Your Basic Online Atari Computer). Some of us in the Dallas area have come to the mutual understanding that we miss the BBS's, and I'm going to put up a website heralding the increasing interest in this website (with a message base) and get a discussion area on a metro BBS in the Dallas area.
Talked to Scott Ian, the original sysop of J.Y.B.O.L.A.C. and he was all for the idea and gives his blessing.
In the mean time, I dream and scheme about how to go about bringing this BBS together and suggestions for what equipment will be needed.

Last time I put up a BBS it was a Marshware BBS on a upgraded Atari 400 with a 1030 modem and a phone flasher. I'm sure things have changed just a bit. :)

I could take this from several angels I've figured...

ST/TT vantage:

Though not a 8-bit, it is still technically an "Atari". With hard drive capibilities and the ability to do 19.2K out of the box, the advantages are clear. But I fear it will miss the ATASCII feel that we liked about the BBS's to begin with. (Hmm.. come to think of it, I haven't seen "breaktyping" movies at 19.2K.. are they still watchable?)

PC vantage:

There is the idea to emulate an 8-bit on the PC. There of course are the APE Face adaptors that make Atari devices usable, and you can emulate at swift speeds and make use of the Telnet feature of the latest BBS software (which is a definate plus!) As far as the telnetable BBs goes (since I might have a ISDN at my disposal) what level of PC is needed?
A telnetable BBS is far and above what I have been dreaming of ever since it was released early this year.
(Been thinking about you and your gang over there Lance. BTW Lance, does the new program allow for multi-line? Like one on the telnet connection and one on a dial-up line?)

Atari8 vantage:

Then we have the good ole standard. I notice that many BBS's of this nature make use of the black box to allow for the hard drive (unless they are content to use the standard 850 interface and truck along at 2400 buad or so.)

Those are the three options most BBS's sysops seem to have these days. Now (for you sysops out there) what do you think of the above three options?

I'm thinking of selling my TT in the near future, so I thought I would get some more info in this idea before doing so.
Thanks gentlemen!

Doctor Clu

PS: Oh yeh... something else I wanted to have on there... on-line games!! Where can you get on-line games for the Atari BBS software? I would love to offer the Dallas/Metroplex a new set of games out there besides the standard PC games.

Of course, if we are operating from a PC anyway, is there any way to switch from Atari to PC mode while on line?

Thanks again!

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  Rebuilding J.Y.B.O.L.A.C. (or how to build a 8-bit  Doctor Clu 11-19-1999 09:06 

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