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 Subject: The ST for a 8bit harddrive? Hmmm....
Author: Doctor Clu (
Date:   11-19-1999 09:46

In my endeavor to get back into the 8-bit world, a thought came across my mind for storage of 8-bit programs.

The solution is a different one, but was probably used at one time.

At home, my standard two computers are a 800 and 1040ST.

On the ST I have X-Former and the cable. As you know, X-Former lacks the player-missile graphics, but is a nice way of connecting a ST to say a 1050 disk drive (in the past I've read the old hacker disk newsletters with it.)

So I mention this thought as a way of using this message area as a sounding board, but concievably an Atari8 disk could be saved on a ST hard drive through X-Former, and later, when needed, transferred back onto a floppy for use on the actual Atari8 machine when needed.

The ST could also serve to download any files off the internet... I guess my only question would be any way to make a link between the Atari8 and AtariST to make use of the ST's higher speed port? (making the 8-bit a terminal or the ST a server?)

What do ya'll think of this alternate solution?

Doctor Clu

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  The ST for a 8bit harddrive? Hmmm....  Doctor Clu 11-19-1999 09:46 

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