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 Subject: Novel uses for Atari 8-bit emulation
Author: Sulfur Fury (
Date:   06-10-2007 05:55


Since the Atari 8-bits have been successfully emulated by Atari800Win and peripherals can be emulated, there's a makeshift web browser, and so on...

Can someone direct me to any websites that are using Atari 8-bit emulator code to put on portable devices such as a DS Lite memory card?

There have been reports of Atari 8-bits being used for lab experiments and even heart surgery up until a few years ago in Russia.

Are there any more novel real-world uses that Atari 8-bit computers were used / adapted for besides basic home computing?

I'd like to know what other real world applications Atari 8-bits were used for, or can be used for today. Either by using the original hardware (for example the Atari lab kit that measures variances in temperature and records it to disk), or using emulation (for example being able to connect to an online BBS through a handheld computer's wifi under a modified Atari800win emulator).

Any websites or books someone can direct me to would be awesome.


the real Atari forever

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  Novel uses for Atari 8-bit emulation  Sulfur Fury 06-10-2007 05:55 

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