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 Subject: RE: Atari 8-bit and Atari SC1435
Author: Curt Vendel (
Date:   01-10-2000 02:29

Hi Pete,

It can be done, but you will experience loss of lum's, you can use a Motorola TDA3330 and a burst gate circuit to convert from NTSC to RGB. I've built two circuits and they work but not perfectly.

For $80 you can pick up a JAM!! and modify the cable to use a VGA monitor. Phillips make a nice all in once scan converter on a chip with minimal support circuitry which looks pretty good and I plan to toy around with it and then add a scan doubler to get it up to VGA rate and see how well it works, but first I want to see how well it would work on a standard Atari SC1224 monitors, you can pick them up for like $10 each these days and it would be nice to use an Atari made monitor on an Atari. You'd just have to use external speakers for the sound or do a mod to add an internal speaker.

Curt Vendel
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