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 Subject: RE: I want to buy a Portofolio
Author: Torbjörn J. (
Date:   01-14-2000 06:20

I thought about spending around 60$ on one.

t'would be great if you found any

Matt wrote:
I'm not sure how much you want to pay but I just checked Ebay and there are two more on there (besides the one I have for sale) one is already at $50 and the other one is currently at $20. If your looking to spend about $30 to 50 Keep trying Ebay I have seen a few of them go for around that. If that's still to much for ya try checking out the less travaled auction or classifieds like They don't have alot of trafic or alot of portfolio's but I did see one for sale there a while ago that went for $20. but that is very rare. Even the one's that don't work on Ebay sometimes go for as much as $35.

Keep in mind that besides the classifieds and auctions the only two places (that I know of) that you can still buy portfolios are Best electronics for $90. and B & C computer visions for $189. so it's kind of a sellers market for these little things.

I'm on Ebay ALOT and if you would like me to, I will keep you posted when ever a good deal comes by.

Good luck


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