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 Subject: I have some games for sale if anyone is intersted
Author: Jake (
Date:   08-12-2010 00:09

It's tough to set a price on these since there really isn't a definitive price guide. Make an offer I guess.

The rare one is Bounty Bob Strikes Back. The 5200 version sells for a ton but it's impossible to find an 8-bit one for sale. I'm not a big Atari guy but I'm assuming they are 8-bit. They say "For Atari 400/800/1200".

I also have Miner 2049er.

These would be something for a collector I suppose. Both are in incredible condition and don't have any rips or writing. Both work fine. I'm no video game expert but they look damn close to new.

writerjake@hotmail is my email. Hopefully someone can put these to use in a collection or just for playing around with. If you know anyone interested, please pass it on. I need money for a trip and they don't do me any good just sitting around. All offers will be considered.

Thanks guys.

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  I have some games for sale if anyone is intersted  Jake 08-12-2010 00:09 
   RE: I have some games for sale if anyone is inters new Jake 08-12-2010 00:13 

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