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 Subject: atari 8 bit stuff
Author: Rich Andrews Sr. (
Date:   07-03-1999 06:59

I am selling off my atari 8 bit collection.
I have an atari 1200, with some happy 810 and
lots of source code, eeprom burner and a
1090 expansion system. Most is in used but good condition. The source code I have includes the OS, the DOS and other snippettes
that I have disassembled and turned down lifetime magazine subscriptions for. Also
included is my source listings for an eprom
burner that would transfer code from an eprom via the joystick ports faster than the
disk drive. It all goes including a copy of de re atari and miscellaneous other stuff
software that I have originals of or clones
that I have made. Reason for the sale? I have MS and I cannot use this stuff anymore.
There is even a atr-8000 in there somewhere.


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