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 Subject: RE: emulators´ files to real disks
Author: Andreas Magenheimer (ispp8.Sowi.Uni-Mainz.DE)
Date:   07-08-1999 07:49

that depends on the emulator image. First you should get some hardware to download the image to a real XL formattted disk (SIO2PC, Xformer cable, APE cable, File Copier PC -> XL, etc.). With some hardware (APE, SIO2PC) you automatically get XL disks then, with some others (file copiers like ATARIDSK.EXE, MULE, UTIL, MYUTIL, etc.) you need to unpack these DCM, XFD, ATR, SCP or other file images. Use Diskcommunicator to unpack DCM files, use Sparta DOS to unpack SCP images, use any ATR/XFD converter to unpack ATR/XFD files (there are some PD tools out there, like Unimage from Tight, XFD/ATR convert from Ken Siders, etc.)

So, the hardest part is to get these emulator images to a real XL disk. Buy some hardware or get some useful software for this. The APE cable can be made by yourself or buy it from Steven Tucker (he is also selling the full version of APE) in the USA. The Xformer cable can also be made by yourself or buy it from Darek Mihocka (who is selling the Xformer) in the USA or from ABBUC in Germany. the SIO2PC cable, you guess it, can be made by yourself or buy it from Nick Kennedy in the USA or Thomas Grasel in Germany. All suggested File copiers are PD and should be found somewhere on the net. Try the Umich archive or Taquart homepage for that stuff...

greets - Andreas

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