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 Subject: RE: atari OS help
Author: Andreas Magenheimer (ispp8.Sowi.Uni-Mainz.DE)
Date:   07-08-1999 08:00

Hello Ben,
sounds like you need a DOS to save any programs to disk. The OS is always part of the computer itself (or used for emulators). The best DOSses up to date are MY-DOS (DOS 2 compatible) and Sparta DOS (DOS 2 incompatible). If you like the DOS 2 standard you can also use DOS 2, DOS 2.5, Turbo Dos, Bibo DOS, Super DOS and others. If you like Sparta DOS you can also use Sparta DOS X, Sparta DOS 3.x or Bewe-DOS. To get things started, you should use MY-DOS or DOS 2.5, they provide a good Disk Utility Package, which is a nearly self-explanatory DOS menu...

Take a look at the archives of Umich, Taquart, Tight, Closer to Home (CtH) and many others. They all provide at least one useful DOS version... Greets - Andreas

P.S.: there is also a homepage for new Atari 8Bit users. It is maintained by Bill Kendrick and gives you some startup informations about the 8Bits and useful emulators. And there is Michael Current`s homepage for Atari 8Bit users and frequently asked questions (What is an 8Bit Atari ?!? OS?? DOS ??, etc.)...

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