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 Subject: RE: Does any one know where i can buy any carts/ta
Author: Andreas Magenheimer (ispp8.Sowi.Uni-Mainz.DE)
Date:   07-08-1999 08:18

Hi Nathaniel,
what about buying or getting a cassette simulator for your disk drive then ?!? It would help you to get your cassettes loaded from disk. Of course not every cassette can be loaded from disk (think of copy protection, etc.) but many will do. There are some vendors/dealers in the UK who have that stuff. Ask for Page 6 (they have a program called Transdisk IV), Dean Garraghty Soft (DGS) or Micro Discount (Derek Fern) - they should also have some cassette simulators. Next, there are already some PD tools for this purpose, try Howfen-DOS, or some other cassette simulators...
Greets - Andreas

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