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 Subject: memory chips
Author: Sherri (
Date:   07-18-1999 20:11

I was wondering if it matters about memory. I have a Atari 800 and I don't know how kind of memory is in it. My parents are gonna bring me all my games and a disk drive. I was wondering if there are SOME games that won't work with limited memory. My dad's Atari 800 system has all of the memory that could be put into the 800's at the time...I am just waging to see if I should get his machine since I know how much memory is in it or should i just not worry about it and play the games it will play..I'm not sure if all my games will work..I'm not even sure how much memory my machine has since it is in another place than I am.

Thanks for the help.


p.s. I am also looking for the instructions for the "Eastern Front" game..I got the game with no instructions...anyone know where i can d/l instructions or get a copy?? Thanks

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  memory chips  Sherri 07-18-1999 20:11 

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