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 Subject: PORTFOLIO pocket Computer
Author: Paul Finch (
Date:   07-20-1999 12:05

Mr P.H. Finch
16 Cedars Road
England, U.K
Home/Fax:+44 (0)208-286-8990
Web site-

Dear Atari User,

In answer to your enquiry for details about the above club,
There are over 100 members in the U.K. and approx 300 Portfolio
members in Europe, with the German Portfolio Club.

This club is FREE if you join as a Temporary Member- This is for
the person who wishes to buy hardware or software occasionally
without having to pay a joining fee. However you do not receive
the club newsletter (Portfolio Times) or have access to the clubs
telephone Help line nor receive the CLUBDISK. Plus most of the
clubs other services you will have to pay for. Read ‘Other club
Services’ for more details.

Full Membership- Cost just £6.00p per year, for this you get the
club newsletter FREE (Portfolio Times) with the latest
information and access to the clubs telephone Help line. Also you
will receive FREE the CLUBDISK, plus lots more! The choice is
yours. Read below for details about these items.

To give you a taste of what this club can offer we sell over 80
brand new and sometimes second-hand hardware items from contacts
in USA, Canada, Czech Republic and Germany (Most of these items
are in STOCK), i.e. new or second-hand computers and manuals,
memory cards from 32K up to 1MB. Parallel and Serial Interfaces,
mains adapters, back light kits, ST-Links/PC-Link/Mac-Link, and
pocket modems. The latest addition are PCMCIA Adapters and now
even a hard drive can be used with your Portfolio via ZIP
Cartridge's! Read For_Sale list.

Did you know it is even possible to get your existing Portfolio
repaired, by the clubs own engineer. Or upgraded so that it
works faster and/or has a larger internal memory. Even the
backup battery power can be increased. We even stock some
spare parts for the Portfolio. The club even have an original
Atari ‘test board’ and circuit diagrams.

The CLUBDISK lists approximately 30 sets of PD software covering
various subjects, in total over 600 English programs that the
club have in stock. It is even possible to have an individual
copy of your Portfolio working program on your desktop PC.
There is even a way to transfer data between the Atari ST/PC/Apple
Mac range of computers and your Portfolio. This is all possible
with special kits the club make and of course have in stock.

Our club also has in stock a range of old and new newsletters.
The club even publish is own newsletter called 'Portfolio Times'
which has a mint of useful information about Portfolio's.
There’s even a newsletter being produced in Germany but it is
written in German. There is also a copy of my club's HISTORY on

Do you know of any other person/company that deals in Portfolio
hardware or software, as I am also on the look out to buy any
new/second-hand hardware and software, PD disks or newsletters
relating to the Portfolio. Please let me know what you have
for sale/exchange and its price.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you at sometime and if I
can help anyone please give them my name and address, telephone
number and/or E-mail. Why not pass this letter onto a friend
who might be interested.

So hurry up and fill that Membership Form in today, clearly
stating which type of membership you required, Then post it off
to me, remembering to enclose the SAE and blank disk OR why not
pay the £6.00 and get access to ALL of the above.

We must keep the Atari Portfolio ALIVE.

Yours faithfully

P.S. This was typed out on my Portfolio computer.

INFO1998 - UPDATED: July 1999

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  PORTFOLIO pocket Computer  Paul Finch 07-20-1999 12:05 

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