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In Issue 4 Doug Neubauer talks STAR RAIDERS to Atari User!, we review His Dark Majesty, Silent Service, GATO, Xybots (Lynx), Tiny Toons Adventures & Jaguar Preservation Pack, Lost Treasures for the Jaguar, Dr. Mario and the new Atari release Haunted House for Nintendo Wii, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC.

This month's features include a look at the different versions of KLAX on the Atari platforms and a review of the Atari XE System.

Our popular guide to the Atari ST and the Quest for Lost Atari Lynx Games continues and we have the first of a series of articles covering SUPER IRG - exciting new graphics modes for the Atari XL/XE along with type-in listings to get you started!

BIG THANKS this issue go to Doug Neubauer for talking to us about Star Raiders and life at Atari, Bobby Clark for his amazing article on SUPER IRG graphics modes, Ilmenit for the fantastic game "His Dark Majesty" and to Karl, David and Kieren.

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  Atari User Issue 4 Out Now new steve 12-16-2010 04:16 

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