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 Subject: desperatly seeking excellent condition Atari 800
Author: blade olson (
Date:   06-23-2011 12:46

I have had an Atari 800 for 30 years. My first computer ever! I have pampered and taken care of it very well as it is a prized possession of mine....

yesterday, a careless mover droped the case holding my 48k Atari 800 and Atari 810 disk drive and it shattered on my basement floor. it was awful and looked like it happned in slow motion.

I know it is just a computer but it actually meant a lot to me and started me on my way to becoming a computer scientist. Super bummed out. I could not even sleep last night.

Nothing will ever replace MY Atari 800, but was hoping to find another one in excellent condition. Ideally, an 810 as well. please contact me if you have one for sale. I will pay top dollar for it.

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