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 Subject: BBS on 8-Bit
Author: Sysop Fox-1 (
Date:   08-14-1999 14:38

Hello everyone,

What I wanna know is, if there are still BBS' online running on Atari 8-Bit equipment. I run one in the Netherlands, on an Atari 130XE, and I'm networking with the "ABBUC-Box" and "The Neverending Story" in Germany, and 2 other Atari 8-Bit BBS' in the Netherlands, and should be networking with Canada too, but that part doesn't run so well at this time...

The software I use is BBS Express! Professional 5.0b, so if anyone out there is still running his board on _real_ 8-Bit, drop me a line.

Also searching for online BBS' running other BBS software on Atari 8-Bit, like FoReM, Carina, Oasis, or whatever... Coding mailconverters on XL/XE is not _that_ hard!.

Sysop Fox-1, Thunderdome, ATARI 8-Bit BBS
+31 416-279990 (21:00 -> 08:00 hrs CET)
Pro-Node #471

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  BBS on 8-Bit new Sysop Fox-1 08-14-1999 14:38 
   RE: BBS on 8-Bit new The White Warrior 09-06-1999 15:36 

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