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 Subject: Memories
Author: lou (
Date:   09-01-2006 00:30

I haven't played a video game in about 10 yrs. Now at age 33 I pretty much lived through the birth of video games. The kids today scoff at the game we used to play on Atari. For them it's all about realistic violent sexual virtual worlds. What they don't realize is their lack of imagination.

My friend Joe was the first to have a VCS. I was mesmerized by the catalog, the artistic depictions of the game characters was an ingenius sales pitch to a 7 yr old. I think it was Xmas 1980 when my parents bought me my first console. It was a thrilling experience. I was obsessed with asteroids, bowling, combat, space invaders and dodgem. No other toy could fill a kid with so many emotions. The great thing was they were easy to learn, you didn't need a manual or a website to show you the hidden secrets. Except for maybe Adventure which I never liked.

What an incredible invention. What a joy to be a kid in the 80's. Thanks Atari!!!

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