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 Subject: 2600 power switch glitch
Author: Troy (
Date:   05-05-2007 18:27

Does anyone else who owned the 2600 back in the day remember doing this? My brother and I used turn the power switch off and then on really fast, and somehow it corrupted the memory in the system just enough to have completely unpredictable results. Sometimes when we got bored of our normal games, we'd do this and it would add walls to games where no walls were before, or jump you forward to levels farther ahead in the game, or make the enemies invisible, etc. I remember Ms. PAcMan worked really well, because it would make new mazes that were different than the standard ones...

Every game had different results and some worked better than others, while some just froze or went black and did nothing...Looking back now, i wonder whether everyone shared this gaming experience, or if it was just a glitch in our specific console or model of console. Whatever caused it, I remember it being a little like "stepping through the looking glass" or something when we first discovered it...anyone else remember this?

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  2600 power switch glitch  Troy 05-05-2007 18:27 
   RE: 2600 power switch glitch new Nick 01-20-2008 15:58 

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