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 Subject: Odd 2600 behavior
Author: Frank (
Date:   12-31-2008 21:28


I have an old 2600 VCS (wood grain/six switches across the front panel) that Dad bought from Sears waaayyyy back in the day. Since day one, the machine has never worked quite right. We didn't realize it at the time, but there is some kind of fault in the system. For example, when you play Outlaw, one player controls one large cowboy and the other player controls two smaller cowboys (instead of just one cowboy per player, with both cowboys of equal size). Some games don't appear to be affected by the issue, and none of the games are rendered unplayable by the glitch. Although, it does make things difficult, at times. Funny thing is, we didn't realize something was wrong until we played our cartridges on someone else's 2600. Here's a list of some of the strange behavior this problem causes:

1) Outlaw - one player gets two small cowboys and one player get one big cowboy

2) Defender - when you shoot, the laser beam forms a nearly solid line that travels all the way off the opposite side of the screen and then comes back onto the screen behind you

3) Space Invaders - when you increase the difficulty, your cannon gets REALLY fat and the top half gets skewed to one side (kinda looks like a stack of books falling over)

There are strange things in other games as well that I have not listed here. Have any of you seen/heard of such a problem before? Is there a fix for it? Software or hardware related? I'm pretty handy, but would need some insights from you experts in order to figure out where to start.

Thanks for any info you can provide!


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  Odd 2600 behavior  Frank 12-31-2008 21:28 
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