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 Subject: RE: Atari 2600
Author: sa (
Date:   06-29-2010 14:43

Difficult Difficult ....

Ok u got the console. If it is a Jr. it has a power led. If u power on the led should be on.

Ok if it is not a Jr there is no power led.

Let us go step. By step.

U got the console. U plug in a game cartridge i.e. Pacman.

Now you connect the Television by a television cable with the console.

U connect the power adapter with the console and u plug the adapter itself into the power jack.

If something is missing, just by the same at ebay or better at best electronics.

Now switch on the console and the TV. Your best friend is an analog one. If it is a flatscreen ..... it could not work with all cartridges. I have the problem i.e. with a TV-Box connected to my VGA display.

Now seek on the television all channels. If this can be done manually, do it. Auto seek is not always that great.

If you still got no picture, test the power adapters output voltage. It should be somewhere between 8 and 15V (I dunno the real voltage ...however ....)

If power is there, plug in another cartridge (switch off the vcs 2600 before u change cardridge).

Switch on and try again to seek channels. There is a channel switch on the VCS 2600. Change the channel if you have no success.

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