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 Subject: RE: 2600 Troubleshooting question
Author: Eugene (
Date:   10-15-2010 01:32


I used to work in an Atari Service Center in the early 80's. So I was nostalgically pleased to hear your 2600 rescue story.

We used to have similar problems even then. But the age of your new gaming pal possibly adds to a list of possible issues.

But I think that your contact degradation diagnosis is probably correct. Different game cartridges may have different number of active address lines, i.e. bigger games may have more address lines that are required to access the entire cartridge. It may be that one/some of those extra lines is not conducting well.

Now, to clean it, I would recommend using a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Make sure not to leave lint. Or do a search for alternatives on the web. To do a more thorough job you may have to open the unit,- I can't remember.

Best of luck with your find.

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