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 Subject: Powering Atari 2600
Author: George (
Date:   12-17-2010 06:05


On ebay last week i purchased an Atari 2600 JR for my dad for Xmas, he loved playing atari in the 80s
and never got on with the new consoles, or the "tv" plugin consoles, so i figured buy him what he had
before. The auction was a console only, which i won. The console turned up, with no cables, and for
some strange reason when i flicked the power switch, the light came on, which i thought was most strange,
but laughed it off.

I then bought this to power it:

And a video cable. I also bought a PACMAN game unit and an official atari joystick.

Once all the stuff arrived, i set it up. Set the plug to 9V and chose the attatchment that fits. However,
the console does not turn on, not even a flicker.

What should i try first?

Many Thanks


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  Powering Atari 2600  George 12-17-2010 06:05 
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