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 Subject: 2600 is losing colors; help fixing it?
Author: Leonardo Boiko (
Date:   01-10-2011 19:17

Hi. I have an American NTSC 2600, with four switches. A few weeks ago it started going black and white. At first, it started b&w, then suddenly got color if you played for some time. Then it simply got b&w permanently. The color switch seems fine and spinning the color pot doesnít do anything.

Is this a problem with defective parts? I have little experience with soldering but am willing to try to fix it, if itís as simple as replacing a capacitor or something like that. Could anyone point me to where I can read more on this topic, or what I can do to fix the boy?

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  2600 is losing colors; help fixing it?  Leonardo Boiko 01-10-2011 19:17 
   RE: 2600 is losing colors; help fixing it? new kaspar mcleod 02-13-2011 23:26 

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