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 Subject: battlezone arcade online game
Author: nestbox (
Date:   06-11-2010 13:13

I used to play Battlezone around 30 years ago and have just rediscovered it. As with back then, I can never get more than 50k. Can anyone advise me if there are cheat codes, and if so, how are they activated and what are they. Anything would help to extend the game and stop the frustration! The BZ Im using is on the net... so wonder if such mode codes exist? Things like being able to move faster than the stealth tanks, and ways to shoot those confounded missiles (the fast-dodge ones) would help. Kindly RSVP ASAP to put a fellow human out of his misery. Regards. Mark.

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  battlezone arcade online game new nestbox 06-11-2010 13:13 
   RE: battlezone arcade online game new Lyverbe 07-30-2010 14:34 

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