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That's right, if you know who Yar was and helped it seek revenge I'm talking to you. My friend, the acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Brett Nevue is making a film called Christmas Bytes. It's set in 1982. It's a story about love. Of video games and the other kind. In order to totally nail it to the max he needs funding. 1982 needs it's day on film, 20 sided dice and all. Go to the Kickstarter page and donate. The perk packages are totally decent. As Nike taught us, just do it!

(This message is reposted on behalf of actor/writer Todd Stashwick, who brought this Atari 2600-themed film project to my attention. It's got a talented creative team and producing partners that include Atari alumni. Rewards for becoming a backer include digital downloads, 2600 consoles and games, chip music, vintage production props, and much more.)

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  A mass appeal to the Atari generation new Crash 09-11-2012 03:37 

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