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 Subject: RE: version of scummvm for atari
Author: Peter (
Date:   09-14-2003 18:57

I didn't know too, but then i found this topic:

Simply type in, after starting scummvm.ttp(you have to rename it) with
-e null -g normal -f -a atlantis

atlantis is the internal name of game, where you should use the follwing:
Maniac Mansion (Enhanced Version) [Game: maniac]
Zak McKracken (Enhanced Version) [Game: zak]
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (EGA) [Game: indy3ega]
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (256) [Game: indy3]
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (256 FM Towns) [Game: indy3towns]
Loom (16 color floppy version) [Game: loom]
Loom (256 color CD version) [Game: loomcd]
Zak McKracken (256 FM Towns) [Game: zak256]
Monkey Island 1 (EGA version) [Game: monkeyega]
Monkey Island 1 (VGA version) [Game: monkeyvga]
Monkey Island 1 (CD version) [Game: monkey/monkey1]
Monkey Island 2 [Game: monkey2]
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [Game: atlantis]
Day of the Tentacle [Game: tentacle]
Sam & Max [Game: samnmax]
The Dig [Game: dig]
Curse of Monkey Island [Game: comi]

i've tested indy 4, indy3(vga) and monkey island 2(vga), they all are running on a standat falcon with single tos!!!
amazing, really!!


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