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 Subject: Emulation - Makes Atari infinitely more powerful?
Author: Loyal Atarian (
Date:   04-02-2009 04:17

My fellow Atarians,

I am very excited by all of the advances in Atari emulation, especially the emulation of Atari 8-bit computers AND Atari Lynx on the Nintendo DS Lite.

I have a question to pose to anyone in the know.

The fact that an Atari 8-bit can be emulated on a Nintendo DS fascinates me with possibilities. Everything pretty much seems to work! Except for printing and online capabilities.

So the question I want to pose is, given how small the 8-bit computer code is now compared to more complex systems like the NDS, what is stopping anyone from using an Atari 8-bit (or ST) emulator to connect online through the Nintendo DS Lite's WIFI connection? Why is this not simple?

I have not seen one emulator yet that can emulate the Atari computer's 14.4kbs online capabilities. I would use it to connect to the remaining Atari BBS's and show off to people. Is it that hard these days to program an Atari 8-bit emulator to use the NDS' internet to go online? Or for that matter, to extend an Atari Lynx' emu capabilities to link to other Lynx users online. It doesn't seem like full emulation, when the emulator doesn't allow online capabilities. Can someone elaborate why no emulator so far can do this?

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  Emulation - Makes Atari infinitely more powerful?  Loyal Atarian 04-02-2009 04:17 
   RE: Emulation - Makes Atari infinitely more powerf new Petr Stehlik 09-17-2009 20:17 

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